Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Pinhole Discussion

Double exposure, using two different pinholes,  90* to one another. I used the black camera shown below, with one piece of paper, 4" x 7",  placed on the long side. I first uncovered the pinhole on the end of the camera (90* to the paper), and then uncovered the pinhole perpendicular to the photo paper (on the opposite "long" side).

 Since paper negatives are quite contrasty, you can sometimes use the positive OR the negative as your final image.

Pinhole creates a lot of "happy accidents", like the image seen here.


These cameras were used to create the Dollhouse Series. Since the focus is infinite, I could place the camera within inches of the dollhouse furniture and still get a fairly focused image.

This is my bathroom / darkroom. I love it. :-)

This shot was a gift. I love to catch my children playing, unaware of the camera.
To me, there is beauty in daily life. It's my goal to notice the beauty around me.

Winter Lumen Prints

Monday, February 16, 2015

Candy Store Diptych (I WILL do this again, in color!)

My favorite burger place.

Olympus Pen EE, Tmax 400